Monday, February 20, 2012

Graphic 45 Design Team 2012 Audition

Okay friends, here it goes! Inspired by my friend Andrea Villareal, I am auditioning for my first ever design team. I have never thought of doing this before and I don't know why! For those of you who take my classes, you know I am always mixing it up. One thing does stay forever constant in my designs though is the love of Vintage. And no other product line exemplifies Vintage like Graphic 45. I remember when I first saw G45 papers. I was at a scrapbook convention and the company was actually selling a paper holder clip type product, but they were displaying Graphic 45 on it. I was smitten. There was no other paper product like it, and even though Vintage style paper is becoming more popular, Graphic 45 did it first, and still does it better than anyone else. I truly love this product and it always finds it's way into my designs whether I am paper crafting, making jewelry, or altered art. My hope in becoming a design team member is that I can incorporate more of their line into my classes and to share my designs and techniques with others. So here are my designs, I hope they will find them to be eclectic, practical and unique uses of their products. I would love it if you left your comments! Wish me luck!-Denise

                                                                     {Le Cirque Crown}
{a vintage ballerina makes for a cute trapeze artist!}

{this piece was constructed from foam core and decoupage}

{Female Ingenuity- assemblage piece}

{interior detail- foam core base allowed me to stick wire into base}

{found objects}

{This piece was made from a plastic display that was painted with stone texture paint}
{Graphic 45 is not just for paper crafting- here is a jewelry piece made with Graphic 45 Staples Metal Flowers}
{Just popped some vintage buttons that had metal backs through and attached with jump rings to a old vintage chain}

{This tiny little book chain was made with Graphic 45 Staples Hinges, it's only about an inch!}

{Adorable and hangs so cure on the dainty chain. I used Ultra Thick Clear Embossing powder to give the cover the thick shiny look}
{What are these? Awesome little accessories made with Graphic 45 paper, contact paper and a sewing machine!}

{Don't cha' love my Le Cirque Checkbook cover?}

{Embellished the interior pocket with a little red lace}

{So cute, and a tip-use the bigger stitch to sew through the contact paper, smaller stitches perforate through}

{seriously, I have this in my pocket daily! Just my credit card and ID- I'm wearing this thing out!! I get so many compliments on it too!}



{i used a magnetic closure for the larger piece}

{it keeps my coupons, and design swatches}

{Another practical idea, vintage tins made into little mirror compacts}
{Love love these! Made with Curtain Call}

{Love this one for my bigger items}

{and this one....}

{peek inside!......}
{my reflection, and IT girl Clara Bow!

Okay I know I am over doing it, but I just already had so many great pieces I have made using Graphic 45 I couldn't decide which to use!
{I bought a collection of tiny watch parts and couldn't part with these sweet tiny boxes they came in, so.....}

{Using On the Boardwalk}

Okay and just so they don't think I don't do any scrapbooking I have included a Moulin Rouge inspired mini book that was made using a huge piece of satin ribbon and machine bound stitching. 
{These are photos from Kim Caldwells Moulin Rouge Event}

{the mini album is bound with red satin ribbin and machine stitched}

{I love how this one lace page peeks through all the other pages}

This will end my audition...wish me luck friends as I know you will ALL look forward to taking classes using G45 products. In addition I can't wait to design more projects to share regardless of the outcome! 



  1. You go girl! Absolutely gorgeous Denise! Very creative, truly unique and really shows off how many ways you can use the Graphic 45 line. Very inspiring! If they don't add you to the team, they are crazy!

  2. WOW I love all your creations Denise!! How could they not add you you to the team????

  3. Gorgeous, All of it!!! Good Luck, they would be Silly to pass you by.

  4. Awesome, Denise! Would you just quit your day job and do what you love?

  5. Love it all Denise! Would take each and everyone if offered as a class, hint hint ;-) Good luck on making the design team, I think that you have showed them a wonderful variety of quality work. You rock!!! xoxo

  6. My my my, you have been a very busy girl! I'll have to check out graphics 45 as I'm not familiar with the name (although I bet I'll recognize the products). Your work keeps getting better and better Denise! I especially liked your decorated tins and the diorama under the cloch. But then again, I have a soft spot for vintage... Just like you! :). Good luck to you!

  7. I just loved everything and am inspired to start working on my swaps! I hope they make you part of their I can take these yummy classes with you!

  8. Fantastic!!! I too love Graphics 45 and often use in my jewelry projects. Last Glitterfest my entire line was based on their circus paper. Your crown is to die for! The wallets are genius. When is the class??? You go girl! You would rock the design team your projects are amazing!!! As always, you knocked it out of the park. You are so talented and such an amazing teacher. That is a difficult combination to find. Graphics 45 would be really lucky to have you. ( and so would all of your students )

  9. OMG Denise! These are so clever and creative!
    You know I am your number 1 fan--your work is so detailed and gorgeous. Good luck and I hope you are selected.


  10. Wowwwwwwwwww!!! You are AMAZING! I love love love love everything you have made with G45!! Absolutely STUNNING!! Good luck with the call!

  11. Wonderful art you have created!! They would be fools to turn you down!! Good luck!

  12. Most excellent creations! You've got to be on that team for sure! Good luck to you. I think you've got an amazing talent!

  13. Ahhhh-mazing--um, they should totally pick you!! I would!!!!

  14. Everything looks awesome Denise (yes I amtrying to leave a comment again:) I especially love the One the Boardwalk collages. That was my fav paper last year!! And the compacts too stinkin' cute. So many awesome ideas you are a shoe in!!

  15. Congrats on making the top 30!! Wonderful work!

  16. Such a creative use of the products! Congrats on your G45 Top 30!

  17. Wow. I've looked at a number of the USA finalists, all terrific, but your art is really terrific. Love the dome piece, and the purse accessories and...well I could go on and on. Congratulations.

  18. Congrats on making the Graphic 45 Design Team!

  19. Congrats! You are a wonderful designer!

  20. Your work is so outrageously FANTASTIC! Congrats on making the team. I can't wait to see more of your amazing G45 creations.

  21. Brilliant work! Congratulations on making the Graphic 45 team :-)

  22. Love your projects... CONGRATS on making the Graphic 45 DT... I look forward to seeing all the new team does this coming year!

  23. Wow...I want to grow up and be like you, your intricate details and touches of love to your eyes are smiling big. thank you for caring & sharing