Monday, February 13, 2012

A Vintage Valentine- a day of creating with friends

Valentines Day is not just a day for lovers, it is a day to celebrate the things you love. I couldn't think of  a better way to spend it than celebrating with my friends doing what we love, creating. My friend Andrea Villarreal is an amazing hostess and from time to time we put our heads together and come up with a reason to have a crafty party. Andrea came up with A Vintage Valentine though all on her own, a FULL day of creating, crafting and socializing.  Andrea invited me, scrapbook queen Jennifer Priest and jewelry designer Ruby Walker to lead the classes. Here are some pics from the event. Keep an eye out on my blog for Andreas next soiree maybe you can squeeze in!
{soldering stations all set up}

{my kit and a canvas love bag from Andrea filled with Valetines paper goodies and glitter!}

{Andreas beautiful decor}

{paper table, everyone chose their own image to put in their necklace}

{i was busy helping so I just got pics of some finished projects- Julie Wellers cute Kewpie}



{whats this? A future jar of hearts! Andrea had a swap too where we all brought 18 hearts and got 18 different ones in return. And below are the hearts!}

{mine, I hand wired a heart}

{Cheryls- now dangit if I didn't separate them from their packaging, I would know who's was who's. I DO remember some though.....}

{love the burlap and pink trim}

{love the doilies and bling!}

{love the felt and blanket stitch!}

{this one was Taras, WOW good job first time swapper!}

{ I love bakers twine, so cute and with the little envelope-love!}

{more burlap and vintage lace and buttons!}

{so cute you could eat it}

{Terry soldered ALL of it!}

{Annettes...where DID she find all those cute heart shaped tins!}

{Kims creamy lace Love it!}

{this was my neighbors, all of hers were different! Awesome }

{Miss Julies, love the image!}

{all filled with love now....but I have another Idea}

I know just the place for these!

YES! My Christmas tree I still have not taken down! Don't they look cute? I think I will keep them up. Lets see Easter tree next? Why not? Stay tuned I'll have some more pics from the other classes that day. And I truly want to say thank you to Andrea for making my day extra special. You see I am a very lets say picky eater, and Andrea made THE best fettuccine that only had "Denise" friendly ingredients in it. It was sooo good! I wish I would have got in line earlier and got more because it was delicious, and seeing the empty dish, I wasn't the only one who loved it. Thanks Andrea {{{{HUG}}}}}}


  1. Loved your post, loved your class and love you!

  2. Wearing my beautiful soldered heart this valentines day! Loved the whole day. Cannot wait to hear about the next adventure .