Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Workshop? Bracelet made with Vintage Finds..

If you will remember a few posts back I went on a weekend girls trip to Cayucos in the central coast. Andrea took us to this amazing store filled with vintage buttons and trims called Lena G's. I bought this bag of goodies (above) and I FINALLY made the piece to go with it. Thinking about doing this one as a class....only have enough for 5 kits though.....thats how it goes with Vintage you just can't run down to Target and buy 10 more!

Pale pink vintage trim, a great vintage pink pearl button, antiqued gold finish metals and hand-wired rosary chain. This looks so good on too, but for some reason the pics of it on my hand looks all weird. *Note to self, look at fashion magazines and learn how to shoot a bracelet on a wrist!
Let me know if you might be interested in a workshop the make one!


  1. Hi Denise:

    I would definitely be interested in making one, please include me and keep me posted. Thanks so much,

    Kim Budash

  2. You got it Kim. I'll keep you posted!

  3. I too love this bracelet and would love to make it...keep me posted.

  4. What a gorgeous jewel! It doesn’t look weird in the pic, and you absolutely don’t have to learn anything about photography to convince us the beauty of this piece of gem. This would make a perfect gift, please teach us how to make one. Leslie @ Mesa Verde Southwest =)