Sunday, December 18, 2011

Girls day out for Christmas!

{Kim Caldwell and me}
Okay so we have to admit, Christmas is pretty much all down hill from the point you turn 13 until you spawn kids of your own. Tyler and I have pretty much decided Christmas to us means cuddling on the couch watching our favorite shows,  sipping coffee and making a nice dinner for two with a nice bottle of wine. We don't buy gifts really...other than to make an excuse to buy ourselves a big ticket unnecessary item (this year Me= 2012 Subaru Outback,  He=a core drill of some sort). I know some of you might say, what about the new Macbook Pro he bought you....but to call that unnecessary? Never! But I digress, a little old fashioned fun and anticipation does exist for the over 13 crowd and it comes in the form of Kim Caldwells annual Christmas soiree. Girlfriends, crafting, food, desserts, swaps, gifts, are you kidding!? I truly look forward to being giddy each year, so thanks you Kim for hosting this wonderful day for all of us. Now onto the pictures! I will blog about the swaps and gifts in another post, because I have like 50 pictures!
{Kim made these table setting from salt shakers filled with little bottle brush trees and angel wings, so cute!}

{table gifts and supplies}

{feathered center pieces}

{Kims sweet decor}

{and this little sweety too!}

{Holly, Jenny and me, table mates}

{Kims always beautifully attired dress form}

{me Terry and Holly}

{Andrea; LIKE seriously, how do I unwrap this??}

{my sweet little decoupaged birdie}
Class was taught by Karla Nathan, she was so generous with her tips and ideas, thanks Karla! Please click on her name and check out her blog and shop- A-mazing!

{more of Kims decor}

{one of Kims trees! Oh how I wish I could have a big tree! No room and Juno and Pippi would destroy it when they play fight!}

{one of my dearest friends Andrea}

{and this was a little extra gift from her, I saw when she blogged about these cuffs she made and not-so-secretly wanted one!} BTW it came and an engraved box-hugs Andrea- I love it!
{Me and Cheryl}

{and the desserts! To die for especially to the lemon bundt cake in the front, took half of that home with me and refuse to share!}

One last look at Kims beautiful sugary sweet Christmas decor. Being in your home was like being in a Christmas Fairytale Kim, Thanks so much!
Can't wait until next year


  1. Beautiful pictures Denise! Fun being table-mates and making pretty things with you! Merry Christmas and see you next month at my house!
    All my best,

  2. Thanks so much for the sweet post Denise. I am so glad we are friends and look forward to many more adventures in the future!!