Sunday, August 7, 2011

Halloween Has Arrived!

Yes, it's here. Halloween has arrived. How do I know? Just walk into the craft and dollar stores and there it is, right in front of you. I swear we retailers really are friggin stretching it! As it is, I get shipped my Valentines candy before Christmas is over. Then before Valentines has even happened make way for Easter. There was a time and day that you didn't even see fall colors until after Labor Day. Oh well. This is one Holiday I look forward too. NOT because of costumes, I HATE dressing up for Halloween. I love it for what it does to the environment; the spicy smells, the pumpkin lattes, the candy corn, the Gothic decorations, and most of all when Disneyland changes the Haunted Mansion over to the Haunted Holidays version filled with its Tim Burton-ness! I also enjoy creating my own decor for Halloween and this year  I have been creating a lot in my blue room.  Of course in anticipation of vending at Glitterfest fall. I have made a ton of artwork and jewelry AND I have created kits....lots of them! So why haven't I posted any of these goodies? Well I have been waiting for Halloween to arrive, and  HERE IT HAS-according to Joanns, Michael's, and Dollar tree!
{I have created a series of "Make it in a Mason "kits. They are Papercraft and jewelry kits. This one is a Halloween mini banner all tucked away in a sweet little mason jar!
{includes everything but the glue!}

{so cute on a door way}

{loving Halloween!}

Oh and how would you like to make this little monster?!!!!! This kit will come with a FULL tutorial including pics and video
{I tiny little scull encased in beveled glass and soldered, with required bling attached!}

{found perfect little 4oz Masons for this kit}

{Oh and I have a bunch of these collage plaques that look so cute hanging on doors! I have made a bunch and will be selling cut and primed blanks as kits}

So excited and having so much fun creating......onward I may have to start making Christmas soon!


  1. Denise, are you going to sell these kits in your Etsy shop? I love these! The colors are so yummy!!!


  2. Yes! Yes! What Lulu & Kay Ellen said!

  3. I live on the other side of the country-I too would like to buy one of your kits.

  4. Hi, Your Halloween kits look great. Where are they for sale? When will they be available?

    Thanks Pam