Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weekend Away!

Some of my dearest friends were getting together to work on a kit project they had all purchased earlier in the year. We got together at our friends house in beautiful Coronado Island, Ca.This was a weekend of sitting in jammies, no make up, no cameras (okay so I cheated a little). Just being friends and creating together. So I am totally cheating by blogging about it! But it was great fun and my friends house was so amazing I just had to show the pics. I also brought a surprise project along and snapped some pics of them. Enjoy this amazing house!
{everyone made amazing grab bags of goodies}

{loved this little starfish bag}

{okay who do I have to kill to get this kitchen??}

{super cozy family room off kitchen}

{my table for the project}

{looking out to her jacuzzi}

{beautiful staircase}

{here is where we spent most of our time creating away}

{yummy baked goods}

{one of her beachy collections}

{my guestroom}

{her hallway}

{looking down into the foyer}

{loved this spa like bathroom}

{our collage project}

everyones came out a little different, we just passed the pieces around and added out own touch each time we got it.

Thats all for now, I made some pretty cute soldered projects that weekend I will share later.



  1. I just know it was amazing!! She has such beautiful taste!!

  2. I wouldn't want to leave-what a gorgeous home!