Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vintage Pill Tin Necklaces

Okay so I have a little ebay issue. I like to get things in the mail, I like to track my treasures as they saunter across the country. I like to rush to the front door with sweet anticipation, and lastly, tear open the package like its Christmas morning. Who needs drugs when you have Fedex? However, I do watch "Hoarders" and have set some boundaries in place so that things don't get out of control. One of those boundaries I have set for myself is when I buy a lot of an item with the intention of making something out of it, I MUST make that something, BEFORE I buy more. Case in point; I was at Rosebowl Flea and saw these little medicine tins and fell in love. He wanted too much for his ($12 for one pill tin?) and I thought...EBAY! And sure enough the bidding began and soon I became obsessed with bidding on and researching little tins! I finally scored some and when they came, they were all I had hoped for! And now I want more! But alas, my own little "boundary" came into play, I must make something with the ones I have. So today I did just that. Here are my results. I just loved making these, they are like little altered art pieces on a necklace. 
{by far my favorite }

{I used Tylers dremel to drill the holes}

{I got to use some buttons too!}

{this little bicycle one is my favorite, wait I said that already! Okay my second favorite!}

{i put some little vintage bicycle paper inside}

I have 3 more tins to go but ran out of chain. These were a lot of fun to make. I am thinking this could even be a workshop. But you have to bring your own tin, there's no way I am parting with mine! LOL!


  1. Great work Denise! I love these!


  2. Those are adorable Denise!! Great one more thing for me to look for thanks;)

  3. They are fabulous Denise!! That creative mind of yours just keeps working!!!