Sunday, May 15, 2011

Terri Brush Soldering Workshop

{me and my sweet tablemate Melissa)
I decided last minute to go to Terri Brushes soldering workshop at the lovely home of Joy Campbell. Although I have really mastered the art of soldering (well at least mastered my style) I really wanted to go to see my girlfriends. I ended up sitting at a different table, but it didn't matter because I still got to catch up with the girls and meet a few new friends. I especially enjoyed sitting next to Melissa, we have a common love of skulls and crossbones. Anyway, just got back from roller skating with my hubby again, but want to at least post the here they are:


{andreas bottles)

{Joys Piece}


{my little bitters bottle-soon to be on a ball chain}

{my halloween piece)

{this one is for my Mom}

{made this little guy last minute, but love how it come out, it's open in the back for a little flower bud or some paintbrushes or pencils)
-No matter how much you solder you always learn great tips and tricks from Terri. I highly recommend her workshops check her out here:


  1. Love love love the pictures!!! Looks like a great day. So sorry we missed each other (me on Saturday and you on Sunday)! Isn't Terri wonderful? Hope to see you soon!

  2. How fun! Looks like you all have a great time. And such neat creations to take away! Hugs!