Monday, February 14, 2011

Workshop Photos- Love Banner at Whimzy!

I had a wonderful time teaching my first class at Whimzy in Santa Ana. I had never been to the shop before even though the owner is also the producer of THE mixed media art show and sale GLITTERFEST. If you have not been to either Whimzy or Glitterfest they are both not to be missed! Sheryl from Whimzy had this great big farmhouse table set up with some delicious cupcakes to munch on. Here are some of my pics, but I took them with my video camera and they did not come out so hot. I can't find my charger for my Canon Rebel so I am dying without it. Today I am taking a much needed day off, I am sick, I am stressed about my real life job, and I have a ton of laundry to do. Oh an did I mention I have 3 swaps to get into the mail today? They are done, just need to mail. The next four days will be sheer hell for me, but then I am off to Colorado again for some much needed vacation time.
{Jane and Leslie}


{loved this great big table}

{glitter glitter and more glitter!}

{banner stringing}

{Pam insisted she would not finish! But she did!-although she did wait to glue on her vintage buttons, so I guess she is technically right!)

{this was a bonus project a tiny little banner that says SWEET, inpired by the very talented Cynthia Flores}

{this was another bonus project, a sweet little salt shaker with rhinestones and ballerina}
I have recently been inspired by ballerinas after watching this wonderful documentary. I have always been in awe of ballerinas, I loved the little ones that sprung into action when you opened your jewelry box. I will have to start looking at some Degas for even more inspiration. 

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  1. Happy Love Day Denise!

    I hope you will feel better! Can't wait to see you at Moulin Rouge next month!

    So glad your class went well!