Sunday, February 13, 2011

Belt Buckle Love

Happy upcoming Valentines Day to everyone. Of course I have my valentines Tyler, Juno and Pippi, but I am also in love with these belt buckles I created. I took a day and drove out to my friend Taras house. Tara is the most amazing jeweler. Please pop over to her site to check out her work. I always get inspired by working with talented artists, and being around all of Taras goodies and creations were definitely inspiring! Now I know a lot of people are creating belt buckles like this, but I had one of those "I can make that" moments. But really when do we ever "make that?" But I was not to be deterred! I bought three blanks, headed to Taras and this is what I came up with!  Tara made an adoreable one too, from an old buckle she just magically pulled out of her closet! The great news is that I will be sharing this project with you! i will be doing two workshops, one in April in Rancho Cucamonga, and one in June at Whimzy in Santa Ana. Info will be coming soon!



  1. These are just fabulous!! I didn't know you could buy belt buckle blanks. What a fun project!!

  2. Awesome Denise! I've a made a few belt buckles over the years but not nearly as cute at these!! I can tell you had fun making them. Happy Valentine's Day and kisses to the four-leggeds!