Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vacation Pic's

Well this is how our vacation started out. We were here: 
38°50'58"N   110°55'36"W also known as the middle of f@#king Utah. We just stopped to change drivers and Tyler decides to do a donut to peel out of the rest area, loses control and crashes into the curb. All fun and games until we realize the car is now un-driveable. One night hotels stay in Moab-$69, Car rental-$176, Subie repair-$915.... giving my husband shit about this for a lifetime....PRICELESS!

So instead of having my beloved subie to drive through all this weather we hit, we are in a stinky 2 wheel drive Toyota Camry.

Then when it seemed nothing else could possibly go wrong, I go to put the key in door to Tom and Sandies house and Sandie gave us the wrong key! Apparently our love of shopping at thrift stores and creativity aren't the only thing Sandie and I have in common! That is TOTALLY something I would do..(hey in Sandies defense I believe there was a City Market club card tag on the key)

But liuckily Tom had a hide a key- and of course Tyler had to break trail to get down to it..... In waist deep snow !
But finally here...and look at that amazing weather! Isn't Tom and Sandies home amazing? We are so lucky to have such great friends that let us stay here, but we did miss skiing with Tom and Sandie this time, but they were in New Zealand.. it must be nice to take vacation from vacation!

isn't it beautiful? This is the great room.

Love this kitchen too

And the couch and Toms is where we spend most of our time, resting up after long days on the slopes.

I love all of the vintage ski's and pictures that Tom has hung around the house

Dinner at the Dillon Dam Brewery

Matt and Tyler day one Keystone.

Me at my favorite place, Blue Sky Basin...Vail. Can you believe this spot is 9 miles away from the village we started at?

And of course we took our traditional hot dogs up to the back bowls and barbequed on the grills they have set up back there.

picnic at blue sky

my most brilliant invention- thumbless liner gloves-for cell phone touch pad use! Worked like a charm!

what a beautiful day at Vail.

The boys!

I miss this guy. So I drew a little memorial in the snow for him at the top of Game Creek Bowl-Vail. 

Starbucks Vail Village

Since Tom  was in New Zealand I decided to keep his chair warm for him, and read the paper. (Someone has to do it!)


Seriously no way in hell I would ever go up this T-bar, the runs this services some pretty steep walls.

The boys head straight for it!

This pic does not do it justice, these walls are near vertical!

Lunchtime at Breck

There is really just no way to look cool in my ski get up. Its all about being warm and being able to see.

After skiing I hit Magical Scraps.. this shop is so cute, it would be my dream to have a shop like this on Main street in Breck....AND it's right across the street from the Crepe Cart!

I got this cute belt for my friend Audrey who baby sits my doggies... the bag was so cute! That's all for now, one day left to get my craft room organized and get ready for Moulin Rouge, my next big Art event. I can't WAIT! Vacation had some ups and downs... but I wasn't going to let anything get in the way of having a good time regardless.... lifes too short not to enjoy vacation!

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  1. OMG Denise! What a great vacation with only a few little bumps!! See you soon- I can't wait!!