Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cornellian Thoughts

A few weeks back I purchased an amazing lot of vintage watch pieces. They came in these tiny 1x1 inch boxes. I think I fell in love with the tiny boxes as much as I did with the watch parts. After carefully excavating my find and pulling out the pieces that appealed to me, I was left with several empty boxes. I immediately knew I wanted to glue them together, print out a picture and make a box mosaic of sorts. I was very pleased with what I came up with. And as usual I take my creations the Vintage Emporium, for owner Julies' opinions and approvals. She loved them and said, "Oh that reminds me I got you a book and keep forgetting to give it to you!" She then handed me this book about Joseph Cornell. Cornell was an American artist and sculptor and was one of the pioneers and most celebrated exponents of assemblage art. Reading this book made me really think about what influences me as an artist. And truthfully, it's other peoples art! It is all visual for me, "I like those colors, or I like those images, or I like those things!"  This book has inspired me to think about certain colors, images, items, and what feeling they evoke in me, and THEN putting those things together in a piece that say's something about me. Now will I still just make things that visually tickle my fancy? Of course! But I think that the pieces that I make for myself will start to become more personal, more indicative of myself and my personality. Thank you for this wonderful book Julie.

{bathing beauties has some of my favorite pieces in it. I vintage blue rhinestone button found at the flea market. A seashell and piece of sea glass I picked up off a tiny island in Thailand. And a few buttons from a jar of vintage buttons Julie gave me}


  1. It is adorable! That sounds like an interesting read...I may have to look into that book....

  2. Cuute! Thanks for the book recommendation!

    Sandy xox

  3. OMG this is just darling!!! YOU have such a creative mind. Love the little boxes too - they are so cute. I made an assemblage a few years ago utilizing rectangular coffee tins and sexy nude girls.

    Hope you're having a GREAT week.