Sunday, June 22, 2014

Something Tattered Pan Pastel Technique with Colorbox Pigment Inks

Hi everyone, so I am working on conquering my fear of stamping- I love stamps and have quite the collection- but that's where it tends to stop. I collect and admire them but don't use them as much. I think my fear is imperfection- but I think some imperfection is what gives stamps their character- so I am getting over it! I am getting over that fear by really challenging myself by learning new techniques and them applying them to my favorite stamps. Today we are going to do a little pan pastel effect using Gelatos. Here is the finished project and at the end my technique video!

Canson Watercolor Paper
Canson Linen Paper


  1. Beautiful, very elegant. Great share.

  2. Gelatos! I need to get some of those. :) I like your project very soft looking and elegant. <3 thanks for sharing -con