Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 21st 2014, Me at 45!

So I started a tradition of taking a picture of myself in my craft room on my birthday. And here is big #45. At 43 I was not playing derby yet, and 44 I was- and little did I know 4 days after taking that picture I would be in ER getting my ankle put back together. And today- I am back playing derby in a round robin scrimmage. Right now the things that consume me are derby, crafting, work, and caring for my Mom and her hubby who both are battling illnesses. My life is happy and content. My hubby and I have a pretty good thing going here...
Me at 44:

Me at 43:

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  1. Happy Birthday. I hope your parents will be on the mend. Your mother is such a doll. :) Genie