Monday, March 11, 2013

Glitterfest Make and Take with Graphic 45, Xyron, Clearsnap, and Petaloo

First off want to start by saying thank so much, Charee and Aimee from Graphic 45, Beth and Julie from Xyron, April and Jennifer from Clearsnap, and Cheryl from Petaloo for providing your amazing products for this Make and Take. We saw almost 200 folks come through our make and take and it made me so proud to be a part of these amazing companies and show off all of their wonderful products!
Said about Graphic 45:
Love love the papers and the pastels, so many images to choose from-where can I get this paper!? Luckily I brought some Place in Time pads to sell, and sell they did!

Said about Xyron:
I would have never though to use this to hold glitter! This thing is awesome, where can I get one? Michaels and online everywhere!

Said about Clearsnap:

They were IN LOVE with: Donna Salazar Fairy Dust! They wanted it now! One lady totally tried to convince me to sell her one of mine I was using for the make and take. No way! But they also took not of me refilling my Colorbox Cats Eye Chalks. Everyone uses theses, but not everyone knew you could buy refills!

What they said about Petaloo:
 OMG I love these flowers...did you glitter them yourself? No they come that you have any to buy- no darn it! But you can go here and find your local shop!

So I probably could have sold a ton of stuff, but I was really more about featuring my Companies and promoting my blog and tutorials. I even sold of few on my Design Team projects and jewelry. I want to thank my helpers: Mom of course-My goof friend Angelica- she is NOT a crafter she is a science teacher, but let me tell you it was amazing to see her in action- I showed her ONCE and she was teaching like the PRO she is! And of course Tashia Jacques a good friend of mine who has taken many of my classes- she had all the crafting know how and just dove in! Thanks my dear friends. Now the pics!


{yes we had some brave men pull up to the table!}

{another man, what can I say we all love to create!

{the youngest at heart}

{the youngest!}

{grandma and Granddaughter!}

{digging through the Petaloo!}

{we were busy all day!}

{special thanks to MOM!)


  1. I had so many customers coming by all day saying how much they loved making tags. They were all beautiful thanks so much!
    Take care,

  2. The best day evah! Thanks for including, fun! Thx, Tashia

  3. It was such a wonderful pleasure having you there! Big thanks to you, your helpers, and all the sponsors form making Glitterfest extra sparkly!

  4. looks like a good time was had by all!

  5. How fun making such beautiful tags!! Gotta get me some of that fairy dust glitter and I had no idea you could buy refills for the chalk inks!! Always learning something new and fun :)