Friday, January 4, 2013

Off to the Windy City!

Sometimes those unexpected plans are the funnest. Hey you want to go to Chicago for the weekend? um....sure! My friend Sandra got a new job which requires her to train in Chicago for two weeks, so I am going to keep her company over the weekend. It didn't hurt that she forked over her airmiles and is paying for the room! She has been before and has aways told me how much I would LOVE Chicago, so here I go- leaving today at 1225p from LAX and coming home Sunday night. Lets see the plan is; ice skating millenium park, The Throne rooms at the Museums of art, Sears tower-or whatever its called now, dinner at a Steakhouse, Chicago pizza (with no sauce for me!), maybe a show at SecondCity, and drinks at a piano bar..with a view....can we cram all that into a weekend? Of course- Sandra and I are well traveled together so we will figure it out! I plan on really just relaxing, laughing, putting all work worries away. When I return I have jury duty- I am one of those FREAKS that LOVES jury duty- and as a bonus I got called the the Compton courthouse- so my chances are good at getting on  a case. THEN right into CHA....I am so excited to be going to represent Graphic 45 and Clearsnap. I hope to do a little networking too, to try to find my dream job....but yeah keep dreamin!

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