Friday, January 11, 2013

CHA Winter 2013 Day One

This is the first year I have attended CHA as a Member. When I stepped up to the membership desk and the representative was asking for my "documents" proving I was worthy...I realized for the first time, I really am a Professional in the Crafting industry! So Day one of CHA the showroom isn't open. So all of you who have been asking for pics...there aren't any. There are only classes, workshops, and seminars. Because I joined so late a lot of the classes were full, but I didn't mind at all. Of all the things I did, my favorite was a panel discussion from the Designer Board of CHA. The panelists were great and gave great networking advice. I also watched seminars on  making videos, and also social networking. There is SO much I did not realize about social networking...I think with very little effort and just doing the right things I can really improve in this area. After I did my first few seminars, I went down onto the floor. Luckily I could get in because as a member of the Graphic 45 Design Team- I am double badged as an exhibitor and as a designer, it kind of doubles my access to things. I went to the G45 booth which has a great spot right at the entrance and dropped my design team projects off. It was so nice to meet Aimee, Diane and Joanna. Both Aimee and Diane took the time to actually look at my projects even though they were super busy getting the booth ready. It's always nice to hear the praises of the company owner! I then snuck over the the Clearsnap booth and dang, that girl April was already set up and gone! Luckily I got to meet her at the designer preview, where some of the manufacturers preview their new items just to us Designers. I got some free products too....some Faber Castel Gelatos, some Beacon adhesives. And then got to make a little ring with some cool epoxy clay...I am in love with this CLAY! I gave my card to the owner and he is going to send me some samples...this stuff is way fun and sets up super quick so I can use it in classes..hint hint! Tomorrow the floor opens, I did get to peek a little at some of the booths, but there was so much garbage and packing materials it was pointless...I have not planned any seminars tomorrow I plan on just hanging out at G45 and walking the floor..... So TOMORROW I promise lots of pics!

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  1. Hi...I am actually trying to purchase your nutcracker crown tutorial but every time I click on it, it gives me a bunch of gobbledy gook and also says the page doesn't I doing something wrong or can this tutorial no longer be purchased...thanks.