Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hey you stole my idea- But you did it first! LOL!

Okay, so we have this little tradition, when we get together to celebrate girlfriends birthdays - the Birthday Girl(s) always bring a little thank you gift. Usually something inexpensive and handmade (you know how WE do it..ha ha ha!) Well since June is my birthday I was wracking my brain as to what I was going to make for the girls, especially keeping in budget- so I went to Dollar Tree, I always find inspiration there! So I found these little resin birds- the colors were not to my liking but I can do something with them! So I bedazzled them with cream paint, crowns and sparkly iridescent glitter. But ALAS I forgot to take a picture of them for my BEFORE shot- So I started googling and low and behold I run across The Dollar Diva blog. She has an amazing blog filled with ideas from Dollar stores so please check it out. While I found a picture of my birdies before- her "after" looked amazingly like mine! Just goes to show you creative people can come up with the same ideas, it's not impossible! But DIVA you did it first! Here is the link to see her little birdies HERE, and here are mine! So glad I stumbled upon her blog-super creative and fun ideas!

{This is the little gift bag I put them in}


  1. Denise, these turned out so precious with the glitter and crowns and love the color beige. I didn't check out the before..Your idea came out beautifully. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Love my sweet birdie Denise ~ He's (or is it she's) waiting for the perfect spot on my birdhouse chandelier!


  3. pssst....yours are cuter, denise! ;>)))