Friday, June 8, 2012

Christly Tomlinson Your Living Canvas Pics so Far!

I have been having so much fun taking Christy Tomlinsons Your Living Canvas online class. I am SO not used to using colors..well at least BRIGHT colors like these, even though they are some of my favorites. I am finding that for me, just trying to emulate her class sample has been the best way to go about it. Then I am not all mired down in trying to use my creative mind, I am just doing the techniques and learning them. Not to say that there isn't a little of my self expression in these, but it just hasn't been the point.
{Tyler even came in my craft room and said, "hey that looks just like that one (hers on my computer screen) then he looked at me nervously to see if that was what he should be saying! LOL}

{this one is quite not done, funny thing is she used these little crystal vintage scrapbook buttons on her, and I had just happened to just buy those!}

This class has been great for getting me out of my comfort zone, and so far I am very happy with the results!

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