Friday, January 6, 2012

Quick and Easy Bracelets!

In my haste at the local jewelry supply I grabbed some wire. When I went home to start using it I was so irritated. This wire would just not bend! When I clamped down on it to force it, it finally did, but I was never able to get it just straight! What kind of piece of crap wire is this??? I picked up the package and realized it was some funky "magic" wire. Well the magic wasn't working on me! I tossed it aside and moved on. As I was doing my lengthy craft room cleaning I ran across that demonic wire and figured, maybe I can do something with it...... how do you keep the beads on? On the package it had some little round balls that required special "magic" glue. I'm thinking- forget it!!!! That is until I was at Athena jewelry downtown. That's where I pick up my bulk supplies. I asked the employee where I could find those little balls and glue for that weird magic wire stuff. She replied, oh you dont need that, just take your round nose and loop it off. You can even add a little charm on the end. She then showed me this elaborate bracelet made of turquoise beads. It was impressive. Thanks I said, and dropped off the obligatory 100 bucks. When I got home I whipped these up with just left overs....I have to say I'm likin' the magic wire! Quick, easy, cute and a great way to mush together all those little leftover beads and buttons..... try some for yourself!
{Okay already, I love skulls! Especially juxtaposed with these lovely vintage creams and whites.}

{I used little tiny beads in between the buttons to make them spaced properly-see the drop pearl on the left and the glass flower button on the right}

{I loved how the buttons worked, just need to figure out how to use the ones without the back stem}

{I even sqeezed a few charms in there, like this little bike!}

{here is the second and more straight forward one, using a mix of grey pearls and smoky crystals}

{Just used a vintage focal button in the middle}
-These were just too much fun! You must try the magic wire you can find it at Michaels!!!

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