Monday, January 30, 2012

The Art of Craft at French General

{Pam Garrison's fun embroidery, would love to get to this level!}

French General, is a wonderful little shop tucked away by a freeway underpass in Los Angeles near the Silverlake district, it small only in size. Owner Kaari Meng has it filled to the brim with her fabrics that she designs for Moda. Along with that are tons of vintage beads, millinery, vintage paper, ephemera, and the list goes on. This is the second year that Kaari has hosted the Art of Craft weekend at French General, and it just so happens that they always fall near my Moms birthday. Now attending has become a tradition and as long as Kaari hosts them, we will be there for Moms birthday. I chose the Sailors Valentine class with Charlotte Lyons and Pam Garriosn. I like to do things a little outside of the box and I am NOT a embroiderer although I do enjoy sewing. We started off with a little instruction and then were cut loose to hit the "share" table. A table filled with goodies that we could use for our projects. After the initial throngs cleared away, I went over and chose some stuff for my heart. I did bring some of my own vintage fun though. I bought this baggie full of vintage fabric covered buttons and have been looking for someplace to use them. As usual I was speed crafting, I just have this thing that I must finish the project, because I find it hard to get motivated to finish them when I get home! Mom, didn't get as much done, but I know that when she gets home she will be "playing" with it and putting her own spin and little touches on it. Here are some pics from the class. Can't wait until next years classes!
{okay this was so wierd, the open seat had a book on it that said "Hahn", then when i looked up higher were the words "DE VENISE" which is reallly close to my name!}
{hey, who made this mess??????}

{Me and my Mom}

{the share table..oh la la!}

{My little heart and vintage buttons}

{Moms work in progress}

{my girl Terry, we were at different tables, but I see her ALLL the time!}
-Follow Kaaris blog and the French General website for info on upcoming events.


  1. I got to go to Kaari's store with Kim a week ago today and it was wonderful! I wish I could have stayed longer so I could have been there! So glad you had fun!


  2. I loved seeing you, but missed sitting next you girlfriend. xoxo

  3. Hello!
    I was there on Saturday for the same class. :) I had so much fun that I googled to see if anyone else had posted about going and I found you and your lovely blog. I remember seeing your mom - I think we even exchanged a few words???
    I've posted about the class on my blog too:
    It was a lovely morning, wasn't it?! Gosh, you guys are so speedy, I have so much to do on my heart still.
    I'll look forward to visiting here again!

  4. i was following pinterest and found your "birdcage" class and was so impressed. i decided to look it up. then i decided to read your blog. it's a small world.

    i, too was at the french general all day saturday...and took pam garrison's class and michelle's as well. happy birthday to your mom and hope to see you next year. lana kloch