Sunday, January 16, 2011

Long Beach Flea Market Finds

I feel so fortunate to live so close to the Long Beach Flea Market. It's only about 4 miles away so I try to go every month. Sometimes I have hits and sometimes misses. Typically when I am looking for something specific it eludes me. Like when I was looking for vintage wooden dominoes, I could not find one! So today I was slightly skeptical when I went on a search for french inspired items. I am in full French mode for my upcoming Moulin Rouge Event, and today, LB Flea did not disappoint!
{I found this bag for 18 bucks labeled doll dresses and stuff, I offered $10, he said, $15. SOLD!}

{i would have paid $15 for that little skirt! I love buying grab bags, there's always little surprises inside}

{and here is such a surprise, this sweet little pink bonnet}

{here are my Francais finds-souvenir post cards from Lyon, Vintage grossgrain ribbon in the French Flag color, 3 more  Carte Postales, and a 1929 tour guide that even has and ad for Moulin Rouge in it, and some french ribbon}

{Okay this sweet baby blue ribbon was calling my name, but it was $15 bucks! But then I did the math, thats only 1.50 per yard.... sold!}

{okay they had me at "Tiffany" this is a 1919 Cosmopolitan magazine, the guy commented on the poor condition. I LOVE the poor condition}

{love love love these images}

{and this}

(and this}
I also found a bevy of old broken rhinestone jewelry, at a very good price. And believe me the market for broken jewelry is rough! Overall I had a great day even though it was hot! Bumped into my friend Andrea, can't wait to check her blog out to see what else she found! (And by the way, I saw like 10 different boxes of wooden domino's- go figure!) LB Flea is the 3rd Sunday of the month, find there website here- and happy junkin!


  1. I love the treasures that you found!
    What fun!

  2. It looks like you scored big!!!! Funny how that happens when your'e not really looking.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the goodies & to see you again at Moulin Rouge. I ADORE the magazine!

  3. Crap you found some cool stuff! I sure do miss the flea markets in LA!