Sunday, January 2, 2011

Joy Banner Class hosted by Andrea Villarreal

I was so excited when Andrea Villarreal asked me to come do a project for her crafty girlfriends. What started up as a small class ended up with about 14 ladies including Kim Caldwell from Artistic Bliss Designs and my two good friends from Arizona; Earleen Coburn and Annette Schwab. Below is the project and silver kit bags.

{Andreas tree with all handmade ornaments}

{More of Andrea's beautifully decorated home}

{everyone dug right in to creating}

{yes, that IS the famous Scrappy Jessi in the red sweater- if you don't follow her blog yet is is full of decadent fun}

{Earleen and Annette being good students!}

{completed banners}

{I loved the ice blue Cynthia Flores used on hers. That's one of the things I try to do in my classes is offer you everything to make the class sample, but also alternatives to make it totally your own}

{This red one was great!}

{This one featured graphic45 papers, my favorite!}

{This one had vintage sheet music for the background and some dresden foils I brought along, I was like...duh why didn't I make mine like that!}

{another sheet music banner}

{me and Kim Caldwell}
{me and my Az drive-by gang (drive by shopping that is)}

{I am seriously upset that this picture of me and Andrea didn't come out. I had to  recognize though how special it was how she set up everything for this workshop, from the decorations to the food everything was amazing, thanks Andrea!}

This was my last class of 2010. I have found that I really love holding workshops, from the project design to sourcing the materials to teaching the class I love the whole process. In my real life job I do quite a bit of training, so this seems to come so naturally for me. So this year I am going to focus on arts and crafts workshops. I also would like to get some of my work published, but that requires lots of effort and possibly no return! My problem is, that it is too hard for me to part with some of my projects, or they sell. But I will work on it!
If you are interested in having me create a project and workshop for you please contact me at:
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  1. And you Are such a wonderful and generousnteacher denise!!
    Ps. My son just adopted a darling little 6 week old pit bull!