Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who caused this?!

"Who caused this?" This was a favorite saying of my beloved father Dennis. Raising three kids it seemed that there were a lot of things that went wrong around the household.  Whatever the problem was, wether it be a hole in the wall or a mess in the kitchen, my Dad found out that the actual perpetrator of the problem wasn't always the person who "caused" it. As an example there may have been some food knocked over on the carpet in the family room. I may have been the one to knock it over, but it was because my brother Paul pushed me. You get the picture right? Those words came to my head immediately this morning as I walked into my craft room and found this:

I thought in my head, "who caused this?". Well I blame my mother. She came and helped me clean my house before the hectic holiday season. I also bought some new furniture and she helped me arrange it. But as we cleaned my house I realized, I have craft tools and materials ALL OVER MY HOUSE. Paint brushes, glue guns, gel medium, foam brushes, cutting mats, and the list goes on. Mom just piled it in my craft room. Then I thought, well actually I caused this. But most of all this morning, I am thinking of my Dad whom I miss so much. I can't believe it has been almost 20 years since he passed away from lung cancer. But he lives on, during days like this, when the littlest of things sparks a fond memory him.


  1. Ah Denise, I feel you love. My father passed away 2000 of Pancreatic Cancer, I miss him every day. But like you said, his ways of being lives on in me and my world. Sending Blessings to receive you today <3 Much Love Andrea

  2. Denise, my father passed away 20 years ago also of lung cancer so I know how you feel and I miss my Daddy every day.

    Sending love and comfort,
    LuLu Kellogg xoxo

  3. Denise, your house sounds like my house when I'm working on my cards. I have stuff everywhere! The kids say: "Mom, can you put your stuff away"? I'm sorry for the loss of your Father. I can't believe it's been almost 20 years, but I'm glad that you still have fond memories of him. My heart goes out to you. Lots of Love, Tammy