Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Thrift Store Grab Bag

One of my favorite things to buy at the thrift store is the ubiquitous "grab bag" a large plastic bag filled with supposedly thematic items. Usually there are a few related items and then some random stir sticks from a defunct hotel chain. The only time I have actually found like items is in the popular "Holiday Grab Bag". I purchased one such grab bag for a whopping $3.95 at my favorite treasure trove South Street Thrift in Long Beach. It was filled with Christmas goodness. Want to peek inside and see the hits and misses! Okay lets take a look!

{these were a hit, I already hallowed out the center of the foam snowflakes and put little 3 dimensional vintage scenes in them}

{whhaaaaa?? Victorian Christmas Tinsel? Score!}

{I really liked these irridescent icicles}

{these tassels were a lot of fun too}

{a plastic toy sleigh...hmmmm I can figure out something to do with this!}

{some items I was too sure about, but had potential}

{some total misses- neon pipe cleaner, plastic fall leaves, and 1000 strands of bird killing plastic tinsel}

{these really take the cake, I call them "go backs"-they go right back into the bag and back to the thrift store!}

{some more go backs, plastic bells, a old dingy looking candle and a plastic container}
I left out the painted pine cones and salt and pepper shakers, but those are going back too!
So, did I get my $3.95 worth? I think so!


  1. You got some good stuff girl! I wonder if they have Christmas themed grab bags at my thrift store. My friend was there recently and got her purse stolen while she was shopping around so I'll have to be extra careful. I love your blog background!

    Sandy xox

  2. OooH, I love that I get to be follower #44:) My favorite number is 8, and 44 is my husbands hockey #!Silly huh?Your Long Beach show sounds terrific, good luck, I'd love to stop by if I have if off!Take care, Bridgette

  3. Yippe! welcome Bridgette! Hopefully oyu can stop by patchwork, it's a lot of fun!

  4. I just found your blog! Love that tinsel. I'm adding you to my sidebar. Happy Holidays!

  5. Hi Denise XOXOX~ Yup 8-) you scored! And the cost of the grab bag, is just will can you say "it cost mouse nuts" ~ Good Eye! I miss the LB area, my parents live in LKWD, and went to CSULB back in the day. I hope to get down there again....Keep reporting the LB news to your blog fans.
    Love & Blessing to you always ~ Andrea c/o SissyDre