Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crafting Sweet Memories

"She told the most wonderful stories and said it was because she had discovered that once upon a time is now". What a wonderful sentiment, and an even more beautiful greeting card presented to my friend Rebecca by her mother. Rebecca was going through nursing school and her Mom sent her a series of these amazing Henry Butler greeting cards. They were just too precious to stash in a shoebox so Rebecca asked if I would make them into one of my banners. After seeing Rebeccas room, I decided to simple and elegant with just a touch of fun. Thank you Rebecca for giving me this project (it will only cost her in dog sitting), it made me think of how special mothers are. I know her mom would be thrilled to know that they meant so much to her.
{hanging above my door}
{the little bling detail}



  1. Oh my goodness the banner is gorgeous! How absolutely special and something to be treasured forever. You are the banner queen!

  2. I know this is going to sound really weird, but the picture on the far right of the banner of the girl looking at the moon, well that is actually me!! My mum was friends and worked for the owners of the card company that produced all of the cards so I modeled for them quite a lot, I was about 5/6 at the time, I am now about to turn 21, time flies haha!

    1. That’s a lovely story! I’m trying to track down more Henry Butler ‘Stars’ cards but looks like they don’t sell them anymore - is that right?