Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Les Sirenes Countdown

I am so excited and a little nervous to be attending and Vending at Kim Caldwells Artistic Affaire Les Sirenes. An amazing Mermaid inspired weekend art retreat, filled with classes, friendship and fun. This is the first event I will be vending at. That's where the nervous part comes in. Will they, A) like my creations B) like them enough to buy them? I guess the difference between doing this type of show and an "open to the public" type craft show, is that all the ladies that go to this event are amazing artists in their own right! It's like selling a steak to Bobby Flay, singing a song for Beyonce, you get the picture! Anyway, at first I was focusing on selling what I thought they would buy. Then I remembered that I just need to be ME. I do banners, that's my thing! So I have lots of banners for sale. I also am known for my little coaster albums, so I made a bunch of those. Then I sprinkled in some kits for my brie boxes. I have already told myself no matter how I do, just being invited to vend here is a sort of success. Here are some pics of a kit I am offering exclusively to event attendees. It is a Les Sirenes mini book for all of their pics after the event. I negotiated with Kim to use the logo and glad I did, this book came out so adorable! 10 days and counting!

-Thanks for looking and see you soon if you are going to Les Sirenes!


  1. Denise
    You will be perfect. We all love your creations. I can't wait to get my mini album
    See you soon

  2. If this book is anything like the beach book you made for me, it will sell out super fast!!!!

  3. hey doll
    eeekkkk how cute.
    i cant wait to see all of your creations!!!
    see ya soon

  4. Oh girl I just know you will do very well because your work is amazing!! I wish I could go too! The book cover/logo is to die for!


  5. I'm so looking forward to vendor night, those are always such fun! See you there.