Thursday, July 8, 2010

From Thrift stores to Downtown LA- Shopping with Annette!

First I met the fabulous lady Earleen, and through Earleen met her equally fabulous buddy Annette. I met them both through attending Kim Caldwells Artistic Affaire events. Sadly both of them are in Arizona so popping over for a fun shopping trip is not always possible. But I got lucky, this summer Annette is staying in Coronado and we planned a shopping day together. We met at the Vintage Emporium, but Julie wasn't open! No problem we headed off to a few of Long Beaches local thrift stores and here are a few of my finds:
So the plates were .39 for the small and .69 for the large, the candlesticks were .99 except one which was 3.49 (leaded crystal). When I got home I found out that the plates are Fortecrisa Mexican glass and quite collectible. Now I am just going to take some epoxy and attach them, voila!

Then I found this wooden Calendar, with all of these month and day wooden tiles. As a special treat there is also holiday tiles!

And the Piece de resistance, this wallpaper border. Annette is going to die when she sees this!! When I found it, it was in a South Street Thrift goodie bag, which contained a broken wooden rolling pin and this roll of wallpaper. I could only see what looked like a vintage letter, but when I opened it up! Oh MY! Eiffel towers, hot air balloons, and even the forum in Italy! On top of that it's pre-pasted!!! 

Not really having any set plans I asked Annette if she wanted to go to downtown LA for some trim and bead shopping! Why yes she did! She hasn't been but had always wanted to.  We headed up the freeway and here are some of our finds:

Okay is that burlap ric-rac to die for!!!? Annette bought the WHOLE spool! I took advantage of .50 yard VELVET, yes .50 a yard! We found these goodies at Big Bargain Trims 623 E. 9th St. LA, CA 90015. They also have a large selection of seam tape! Tell David we sent you. He was a joy to buy from, great sense of humor. His shop is one of those that is filled ceiling to floor with trim and ribbon. If Annette and I weren't so tired we could have spent another hour or two there!

Some sweet beads I found at TRIM 2000 Plus. 820-9 Maple st. LA CA 90014
This place had a crap load of buttons, every shape, size, color. Grab a handfull of plastic baggies and go for it! Most are 3.00 per dozen. 
These were my favorites:

ooooohhhhhhh I like!

After a long day of shopping we went back to Annettes car only to find that Julie had stopped by her shop to do some cleaning, suddenly we were re-invigorated! Annette loaded up on some glass and jewelry and I found and adorable picnic basket. Julie called it a Toto basket and, yes it is!

Then we had to part. I had so much fun with Annette, I didn't want her to leave! She is truly fun to be around and a very genuine person, I am going to make sure I stay in touch with her.  Hopefully Annette will make it back up again for more fun! And maybe next time we can get Earleen out here (she was the only thing missing from this day) Thank you sweet friend!
p.s. Annette did get a few pics and i will post those later!


  1. Denise, I had a wonderful day! I am very jealous of the wallpaper! Can't wait to do it again, and yes, Earleen will have to join us next time!!!

  2. What great finds!! And sounds like a great day too!

  3. What a great day! I'd love to go with you to LA sometime....See you next week!

  4. What a fabulously fun day! That wallpaper sounds terrific! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  5. That sounds like my kind of day! Perhaps you can dress up as Dorothy for Halloween- since you have the!


  6. Sounds like you know all the cool places to shop in Southern California Denise!


  7. So many cool finds, such a fun shopping day! LOVE the Fortecrisa Mexican glass! Think I need to go shopping!

  8. Great finds & fun time! I am a little jealous :)

  9. I've never seen that burlap trim before, how cool!