Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Toy on it's way!!!

I am so excited to get my new toy! I heard about this mini HD video camera listening to Leo Laporte the tech guy on talk radio. The camera is new, but videography is not new to me. Before I got into mixed media, altered art and scrapbooking, I was obsessed with making videos. I even made a half hour long epic of our vacation in Thailand. Now I intend to make some "crafter on the street" type videos where I take my camera to flea markets, thrift stores, craft supply shops, art stores, ect. I may even do some tutorials. I got inspired by my girl Earleen (I would post her blog, but she doesn't have one! Find her on Facebook) She has posted a few videos on facebook and it really made me miss my video camera. Now all I have to do is reacquaint  myself with imovie. I used to be an imovie master, but I just opened up the latest version and it is way different! And now about my toy! I always buy my electronics on Amazon. I have Amazon prime so everything is two day shipping. I make sure my items arrive on my day off, but I totally screwed up because I am working this Thursday! So I will have to wait until Sunday to really play with it. I bought this camera because of its size and video quality. I found with my larger mini camcorders I never really used them for long periods of time, I didn't need a ton of storage space for video because I uploaded and erased the tapes all of time. Now I just have a SD card that I can just pop into my USB card reader. This camera also has an external mic port. Something that really makes a difference in the quality of your videos, it's amazing how much external ambient sound the camera mics pic up. I bought a lapel clip mic for it, so we will see how it goes, I am hoping it give a more polished look and feel to my videos. I am also looking forward to taking my camera on vacation, ski trips, and also to work. At one time I made videos of my employees and they loved them, so I am hoping to make some more inspirational and motivational videos for them. Well that's all for now, back to making more mermaid goodies, hopefully my next post will have a video!!!

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