Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hand-bound Recycled Mini-Coaster Books

Last year I took a wonderful book binding class at the International Printing  Museum in Torrance. It was taught by Book Artist Lucia Frias Villarreal . She has a Masters degree in bookmaking, so I feel I learned from the best! She taught us Coptic binding which was developed in Egypt as early as the second century AD. Essentially it is a stitching method where you attach your pages "signatures" to your covers.  I have collected several drink coasters from Chili's and thought they would make some great starter covers for my mini books. I had all of these wonderful Vintage images I collected to use for my Summer inspired projects, but didn't end up using all of them. So I printed out my favorites and started stitching away. Traditionally you would use a special waxed string. I ended up using bakers twine which I waxed myself using a tea light! I really loved how they came out. I used some vintage book pages from damaged books for my signatures.
{coptic edges}
{i love this vintage Barbie image}
{inside the signatures you can see the bakers twine}
{the pages are from old books, a toy collectors catalog and a family satire from the 70's}

I am thinkin of offering this for a class at the Vintage. They are so fun to make, and a bit challenging!


  1. These are so cute! What a great idea!!

  2. These are wonderful Denise. This is one of my favorite book bindings to do. Carol Wingert taught me. Loved the Barbie mini
    See you in July!!!!!

  3. these are great - i'd take the class - i have wanted to learn to do it for so long....
    perpetual craft student - that's me!!!
    i picked up a package of coasters at the thrift store, too, so i come semi-prepared!!

  4. LOve these! Especially love the Barbie cover! You are ultra-creative!!!

  5. Denise, these are adorable, and would definitely make a terrific class.

  6. Just ahhhhh-dorable!! Clever YOU once again!!

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  8. i'm ready for a class, too, denise! i have some books about doing coptic binding--but it would be more fun to learn from you! ( maybe not fun, for you, though! ;>) )

    marilyn g

  9. I love the look of coptic binding and your little books are fabulous! I tried to learn how to do coptic binding on my own and it didn't work out for me. A class would be much better.


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