Monday, January 4, 2010

Ski Season Has Arrived

My favorite time of year! My Mom said as a child I hated skiing.... who knew!? My adult skiing life started about 5 years ago. Tyler was on Ski Patrol and I got tired of being home alone on weekends, so I started going with him and skiing for free. I eventually tried snowboarding, but spending all day on my ass was not my idea of fun. I got my own gear and have been skiing ever since. So, am I a good skier? Hell NO! I suck, although I am getting much better. I fear no blue run and will hit the occasional black diamond, only If I can see it from the lift and deem it do-able! This season I have committed to wearing a helmet though. So I got myself a pink one and added some rhinestones in the shape of a skull and crossbones for it! I look so tough(yeah right!)! I have been to Mammoth twice already and head to Colorado at the end of this week. It HAS taken a little of my crafty art time away though, but I just can't resist that cold fresh air!