Thursday, January 28, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser- Now what?

So I don't really need a good reason to travel to the Downtown LA Fashion District, but inspiration surely helps. So does a massive project I must start without delay! If you read in my prior post I will be attending Kim Caldwells Affaire in Wonderland. Part of the Affaire event includes the attendees hosting "swaps". Basically you make a themed project according the the hostess's criteria, and then you swap it with another attendee. This is my first venture into Swapville, and I am not quite sure what I have gotten myself into!! The project that brought me to Michael Levines was for what is called a "Fat Book". I joined this swap as the hostess is Cheryl Stoneham. I met Cheryl at Kim's last event, and she was so nice. Not to mention talented, she even walked me through my first blanket stitch! So, I have to make 10 identical 6x6 fabric "pages" , front AND back, with a Wonderland theme of course! I had a rough sketch of what I was going to do, but let the fabric inspire me. Here are some of my finds. Wish me luck!

I Really loved this little crown applique! I know exactly where it is going,
for now.....

I am loving these little pendant buttons, have no idea where they are going, but i can see adding little details to them...words, or letters....hmmmmm

Okay, my biggest splurge! This is hot pink satin loop fringe. However it looks a little distressed and I loved that about it. 5 yards! This will go around the edge of my front page, and peek a boo to the back.

And I am the biggest sucker for tassles! These were pricey so I only got a yard, but tassles just make me smile so I couldn't go without.

Now the hard part, getting started!!! I may have to call on friends and family to help the assemblage after I figure it all out!  (hint hint friends and family :)



  1. looks like a whole lot of fun about to happen!

  2. What a fun pile of stuff! Looks like you will be happily creating for the next little while. I adore that crown, too.

  3. what a blast you will have - hooraay on the great finds.

  4. I love the cloudy background for your site.
    Not only that, but we share a last name!
    How cool is that?