Monday, April 21, 2014

Xyron and Paper House Vacation Memories

I got lucky and when I received my Paper House Productions goodies to create with there was some Chicago 3D stickers! Yippee! Hey I HAVE been there and I have the photos to prove it! Sadly it just brings to light how few places in the United States I have been in. Now international travel, I got! But I think its time to get out and see my country more, especially the Pacific Northwest, New York, and somewhere down south. I created a unique Picture Box today. If you are covering a box, you NEED to have a Xyron 5 Inch Creative Station or Create a Sticker Max! Seriously, I do not know how I could craft without one of these- the coverage and adhesion you get with these is second to none. The cool little detail that makes this box special is that I printed my picture on inkjet transparent film. I then put some cool paper from the Paper House in the background along with a 3D sticker for a very unique effect. To add some of my vintage flair I used a distressed tart tin for the base and some vintage dymo tap for my sentiment- two little things that give that retro feel even though I am using a more modern style paper and embellishments. Supply list to follow-Denise
{This is one of those things that looks better in person! LOL- but you can kinda see the arrows in the background paper peeking through}

{Adding a dymo tape label to anything brings vintage to the piece}

{I added the little metal faucet handle from Hobby Lobby to go with that} industrial Chicago feel

{This sticker is the star of the show!}

{another little vintage detail}



  1. This is so fun. What a great idea and I love the picture on transparent film. Clever idea. Great job.

  2. LOVE this project, I'm a sucker for anything 3D. GREAT job.

  3. How fun! Love
    your project!
    Carla from Utah

  4. Love this Denise. I wish I could see it in person - would love to see the transparency - I bet it rocks! Great details on this!

  5. What a wonderful creation. It really captures the essence of the city from the visitors' point of view