Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Not Xyron, but should be! DIY Glass Candle Luminary

This week we were tasked with choosing a cool Pinterest project that was not made using Xyron Adhesives- but should be. We were to use the project as inspiration for our own creation and the second I saw those washers, I knew they were calling my name! Why you ask? Because my husband is a hoarder of tools and supplies. I only say that in a half joking way, because he does truly have an acknowledged problem. One of the things that drives me crazy is he always buys 3 or more of things. ALWAYS! So I KNEW I would have a major stash of washers somewhere in our garage. And sure enough he said we did- and gently set a package of washers on my craft table. However the next day- lo and behold he has bought me three more packages of 3 different sizes. Hoard Prevention FAIL! What can I say, I love the dude? here was my Pinterest Inspiration-

{I used Clearsnaps Designer Foils to color the back sides of the washers}

{Looks amazing my bathroom, and I got a "that's pretty cool" from Hubby}
{ I of course used my Xyron Create A sticker to make it! Want to see how, just watch this Snapguide!}

Check out How to Make a Glass Luminary With Metal Washers by Denise Hahn on Snapguide.


  1. That's a pretty fun... functional project !

  2. wow! that is very creative. and your slide by slide tutorial was excellent! thx for sharing