Thursday, January 30, 2014

Xyron and Graphic 45 Couture Corset Banner from Scratch

So what is crafting from Scratch? For me it means I create my own base- whether that be a box, a mini album, or whatever! I guess it's the opposite of altering where you take something already made and alter in your own style. I wanted to make a banner using Graphic 45's Couture collection and at first was going to make a string of dresses- but as I did my Google image search, I found some very cute corsets. If you think you are terrible at drawing- your not alone! I am a disaster, but when I find something I want to make the shape of, I just grab a pencil and go for it. I tend to make one side better than the other- no problem, just draw a line through the middle and cut the good half out. Flip it over and trace the good side, then flip again and trace to create one perfect piece. Works every time. I also have another great tip for using my Xyron Creative Station. Instead of cutting out my base chip board, then my paper, then adhering them. I just make one piece a little bigger than my template- adhere my paper to the chipboard, then trace and cut out. Want to see what I mean? Here is a tutorial of the whole project:

{I use Google image search to find the silhouette that I want. I just free hand drew it, then using the technique I told you about made tow even sides and traced into one}

{The I cut out 3 pieces of chipboard making sure my template would fit on each one}

{I chose my Graphic 45 Couture Prints and cut them same size as my chipboard}

{Then I ran the cardstock through my Xyron 5 Inch Creative Station with permanent adhesive}

{after I attached all of the cardstock to the chipboard, then I traced out and cut my corsets out- so easy, no matching the edges!}

{Ink it up! I am using Donna Salazar Mixed Media Chox on Bluejay and Black}

{Now take those little scraps and cut your self some shoulder straps- optional you don't have to make straps}

{I used Xyron high tack tape to attach my straps}

{now comes the fun part! Embellish away! Use bits of lace and trim. I used Xyron High Tack Tape for my trims but used hot glue for some of my heavier trim like this pearl}
{tip: Don't worry about your high tack tape getting wrinkled going around edges- it will flatten out when you add the trim}


{I used some Recollections brads to make this little lace up detail-so cute!}

{Now I needed some clothespins to attach to my line-so I distressed these mini pins with Colorbox Spritzer in Mudslide}

{I then hot glues some vintage buttons on}

{after I hung them, I wanted a little extra, so I made these tags for each using Graphic 45 Couture Chipboard tags and some twine from May Arts}

{Now to assemble-just attach to more twine. This would look so cute on a closet door or at you make up table mirror.  Below I am adding in some detail pics for you, so you can see how I embellished them all. I hope you will have fun making something from scratch today!


  1. Those are adorable... and sassy... I like sassy :)

  2. Oh my gosh, Denise, these are adorable! How fun they must have been to create. Thanks for the awesome tutorial.

  3. Ooo La La is right! Love these!

    Anne S.

  4. Thanks for the step by step. Definitely pinning these for later reference. Thanks.

  5. Keep the corset ideas coming... I am using this, among other ideas, in my dd's 21st bday theme..

  6. Oh wow, these are adorable! Thanks for the tutorial Denise, I'll definitely try these out!

  7. great idea and great tutorial

  8. Love them!

  9. How creative and adorable! I can 't draw either and I often make my patterns the way you described -hehehe.

  10. This is absolutely gorgeous! Great job!

  11. I love these! I am a collector of dress forms so these warm my heart! Thanks for sharing!