Tuesday, December 17, 2013

30 Days of Crafting! Embossed Candlelit Houses

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Okay, so yeah... I love making little houses! I can't help it! These are super super easy and a quick way to add a special touch to a centerpiece, mantle or bookshelf. I used the super fun amber flickering battery candles, you can find these at any craft store. Now let's get to it!
You will need:
4- 6x6 Pieces of sheet music or book pages (use new-vintage will not emboss or fold well)
Xacto knife
Elmers Glue or Modge Podge
Small Paintbrush

Cut out and emboss 4 pages of sheet music I used Embossalicious Christmas Elegance by Crafter Companion

I used my Creatopia to emboss and this is my "sandwich"-follow instructions for your embosser

Next I used my Colorbox memory Essentials Stylus and my Colorbox Ink to brush out the highlights on the embossed paper

next "eyeball" fold over, overlapping about 1/4 inch

Like so!

Now, watch carefully-I then meet the two folds I just made in the middle, and press down again. There is NO adhesive yet-we are simply making folds so we know where to cut our windows

Grab a piece of scrap chipboard and cut out a window template-free hand it! You can do it!

Now on each of the 4 sides-trace out your window, varying the heights-but not too low or too high!
OPTION: before you fold up take your brush and glue and LIGHTLY spread some glue on the inside and sprinkle with glitter

Now we are ready for adhesive. Run a line down the "extra" edge

now fold it back up again

fold back out to for a square

Close up the top, like wrapping a present

grab your stapler-and close her up!

When you open it back up- you can use a pencil end to straighten up the sides- you can create different house shapes by simply pushing the folds up higher or leaving them low

Finished! Now just pop it over a batter operated tea light

Or on second thought- hopefully you saw my option above and already added a little glue and glitter- I used a paintbrush and just dabbed some glue in and spinkled my glitter in- I just found it glowed a little more sparkly that way!

Look how cute they all look together!
-Have fun and Happy House Building!


  1. Hi Denise. It looks like you are having lots of Christmas fun. I love that Brie Box you altered for G45. Oh, and your Christmas cones are cool. It is good to see a real craft space, all messy and cramped, like mine. What more do you need? Merry Christmas to you. Charlotte

  2. Oh my! I love your little houses. So darn pretty! I want to try this. Thanks for sharing. Found your blog through a pinterest post.