Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Very Personal Craft Project

Today on Graphic 45's blog I am sharing a very personal project. I had my Dads glasses after he passed away in just a little shadow box sitting on a shelf in my Craft room. I decided to make more of a memory box shrine for them and you can see it on G45's blog today HERE!


  1. I saw this piece on the Graphic 45 blog. I found it very moving. A wonderful tribute to your Dad. It is a stunning piece of work. I think I may have a go at a similar project. Thank you for sharing it with us all. Xx

  2. Denise I just watched your ballet slipper tute on G45. Sitting here cutting out the pieces for my own! I'd like to ask what kind of a camera set up you have. I'd like to do videos on my blog but haven't a clue where to start and what to buy. Yours are very good. Any suggestions you have would be very helpful. I appreciate it very much! Hugs, Mary

  3. I did see this on the G45 blog, and I was deeply touched. Your work is so consistently imaginative and thoughtful. I have very little time for blog reading, but I always try to make time to peek at what you are up to. I find that your tutorials liberate me...make me feel like I can do anything ....such a gift! thank you, Denise, for your generous spirit, the playful attitude you bring to the table and the beauty you share with us. Hugs!