Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ankle Update!

I can't believe that it was 90 days ago to the date that I broke my ankle in two places at Derby practice. It's been a long and emotional road for me. The pain part has not been so bad, but the mental part of being injured has definitely been the worst. I go from dying to get back out on my skates and play again, to utter fear of even putting my skates on. Fear is real. Unfortunately, I know fear can cause me injury again. It was hard enough telling my Boss and Mom this time, (who were both not so happy about me playing) how could I make the call a SECOND time? At 90 days, I am walking without a knee walker, crutches or boot. I have a cane which I use to keep balanced- my Physical therapist says "NO LIMPIMG"! The funny thing is-take away my cane and I immediately start limping- use the cane and I walk pretty normal, except for the cane :). I decided to go on vacation with friends to the Bahamas and had a great time! My ankle swelled up on the flights and was angry at me for a few days. I took my knee scooter and it was a savior!  Mostly I was floating around in an innertube sipping margaritas not a lot of strain going on there! Now I have a mega Blog Hop to prep for- all three of the manufacturers I design for and doing this hop so TRIPLE projects! So for now, just more Physical Therapy and walking practice and crafting!
{funny just noticed I am balancing on my good foot}

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  1. Ref: the X-Ray Ouch !
    Glad you are doing better. Look forward to seeing your projects :) ! Hope your angle like this weather change better than my foot does. Ity's been doing real good, yesterday I did go out with out my cane ( not intentionally) ... I think I paid for it I was so uncomfortable most of the evening and last night ... it just kept aching!!