Sunday, June 9, 2013

A little Jewelry Project today

I finally get to post this project as it is now in the hands of it's new owner. I made it for my dear friend Andrea Villareal who turned the big 40 last month! Andrea loves religious figures; Santos, Virgin Marys and crosses. I found this lovely amber colored vintage rosary and knew I wanted to make it into something special for her. So I made a "Frankenstein" necklace, where I take little bits from other pieces and combine them into one. I did add some vintage milky pink beads I got from Bediak and I loved how it came much that I reallllllly did not want to give it away! But Andrea is worth it, she has been there since I began my crafty lifestyle and has been a driving force in my success-thank you dear girl!
{I had some extra pearl links from the vintage bracelet-so I added them in with these brass links}

{what necklace is not complete without some rhinestones-taken off a broken piece of a modern piece-I sandwiched them in between the vintage glass beads}

{Originally I just had the necklace attached to the cross, but it wasn't grand enough! So I took the broken end of a vintage bracelet and joined the ends to it-then strung it down with the charms and cross}

{So gorgeous! Can't go without saying that I was inspired by Andrea Singarella- she is one of Andrea Villareals favorite and I actually won one of her bracelets at an event recently and just love her style!}


  1. What an exquisite creation!
    Alison x

  2. Very unique... I like the "mixture" ... beautiful gift !!

  3. Oh dear! I buy rosaries whenever I visit a church or cathedral. I don't know why I started, but I have a small collection and now I see a way to add them to my jewelry. Thank you for sharing a great gift filled with embellishments.