Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Kit Sneak Peek!

Wow, this month is going by so quickly. I may have over done it! I guess you really don't know your limits until you push the limit right? Work, Design Teams, Roller Derby, kit making,  Event swaps and Metalsmithing class have all sort of got a little overwhelming! In a good way though, but I think once my metalsmith class ends things will be much calmer. I have a great way of doing all of my crafting though...I pretend I am on Project Runway! I pick my project, then put myself on a time limit. Only so much time to hit "Mood" aka my craft supply stash, then I just hunker down and do it! It makes me realize how much pressure those designers are under, especially when you don't have your design concept down. So I design in my head whilst doing other things. Like checking out groceries, or waiting in line at a fast food restaurant, and of course while getting a massage. I pop my ideas into a little book I keep in my glove box, then when I do sit down to create I have something to go by and it goes much quicker! Anyway- on Thursday I will be releasing my Holiday Kit. It's a Nutcracker Sweet Crown. There is a limited supply so I will be also offering just the pattern and instructions. The instructions are in ibook format if you have an iPad. If not it will come in PDF format.

{ It will look lovely on a mantle or in a table center piece. There's room to make it your own style too. Please keep an eye on my blog and facebook this Thursday for the release!