Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bathroom Remodel- Progress?

So here we are I think 3 weeks in and the pace is well...slow. But Hubby is recovering from surgery and is very limited in his work abilities...but there has been a lot of electrical and plumbing-you just cant see those things! I have moved all of my face washing stuff into the kitchen and my hair stuff into my craft room. It hasn't been too bad. Right now the bathroom shower fixtures are holding the whole thing up! Cant install new tub until shower fixture is in, cant install floor and vanity until tub is in, cant install lights until...well I pick them out! And I bought this cool vintage  70's mirror and Tyler says its too big! Well here are some pics:
{old window}
{new window}

{where my stuff used to be}
{where it is now-these are the thing he selected as me needing the most to be accesible}

{3 weeks ago)

{today-he stopped doing all of it so the walls wouldnt be totally exposed when we shower}
{new wiring-master/dimmer recessed lights/dimmer sconces/ceiling fan}

{my lowly ole sink-put it out of its misery I am not even using it anymore!}
Progress is slow but sure!


  1. wow..there are good changes going on..enjoy the fun ones i've been there..You'll look back and smile. Congratulations on this new beginning of refreshing the home..I still let out happy sighs when I run into my old pictures of before and after. Happy sighing..

  2. Congrats on having the guts to tear it all down and bring it up again! I can't wait to see a finished product. (And the tile your going to use for the shower wall) cause that blue is ugly

    -Irwin Zinkin