Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glitterfest 2011 Photos

Once again Glitterfest was an amazing show. Thanks to Dianne and Cheryl from Whimzy for hosting this spectacular event. It was so great to see new faces and old friends. Glitterfest is hard work though and the energy that goes into it it makes me totally exhausted! So here I am today my first "real" day off since the event and my craft room{s} are once again a disaster. Luckily my Mom is coming over to help recover from Craftageddon. Here are some pics of my booth from the show. Other vendors just loved my chicken wire arch I made, I gave out the recipe to several ladies!

{my top saleslady!-Mom}

{my booth}

{the chicken wire arch, great for hanging things!}

{my kits}

{my jewelry}

{vintage button bracelets}

{skelly girls sold out too!}

{my collage house kits}

{my beeswax collages}

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