Sunday, March 14, 2010

Affaire In Wonderland- Kim Caldwells Artistic Bliss Event

I can't even begin to start telling about the most amazing weekend I had at the Happiest Place on Earth! The lovely and amazing Kim Caldwell hosted another of her inspiring mixed media art retreats; An Affaire In Wonderland, all centered around an Alice in Wonderland theme! It took place over two days at Disneyland Grand Californian Resort. When one walks into to an Kim Caldwell event, the WOW factor is breathtaking. Everything is handmade and the attention to detail is impeccable! I will let the pictures speak for themselves!
Tea Pots and cups and dainty Sandwiches!

more cuteness!

This topiary chair was AMAZING! I thought Disney provided them, but alas Kim made all of them (I am sure with some help of her talented friends!)

They made these adorable little button rings for all of us!

all of the chairs had these amazing custom chair backs with our itinerary's in them! And we got to take these home with us.

The Tables

the front of the topiary chair

My tea cup, and we got to take those home too as a gift!

What our lovely tea party had to offer! The lemon tarts were divine!

This wall art was on every wall throughout the room!

Part of the event was attending Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland movie. Our tickets came with this precious pink popcorn and pink taffy! No corners were cut that this event!

more amazing tablescapes (second day)

This bunny was so  precious! Someone bought him after the event, and thought to myself, why didn't I think of doing that!!!

me and Kim in front of the amazing picture taking backdrop they created. 

my name tag

all the goodies we got in this cute little mad hatter box!

The second day will all got these affaire in wonderland canvas bags filled with MORE amazing goodies, as seen below:

Thank you Kim for such a wonderful time. I will tell you I have gone to classes and events where it feels like the purpose is to make a buck, but at Kim Caldwells events I feel like I was invited to a friends home for a party, that of which no expense was spared. Now of course I paid to go to this event, but I always feel like I left getting more then what I paid for, kudos to you and your team Kim!
I have soooooo mucg more to blog about, the classes, the vendors, the people I met.... so stay tuned!


  1. Hi Denise! I knew you would be ON IT and probably the first person to post about our magical weekend! Your pictures are just perfect! So happy to see you again and look forward to the next time sweet friend.

    Have a lovely Sunday.

    Big hugs,

  2. I just couldn't wait! great seeing you again too Holly.... ;)

  3. It seemed like this was her best even yet! Soooo magical and I LOVED the centre pieces :) Can't wait to see more!

  4. Great photos! You should show your wonderful crown. That was amazing! I can't believe the weekend flew by so fast :-(


  5. Denise, I am so excited to be going to one of Kim's events in May of 2014. I googled to see if I could find pictures of her other events and was so happy to have seen yours!