Thursday, February 4, 2010

Layered Inspiration Part 2- Alice in Wonderland

Okay, so maybe Alice is a little overdone, but I just can't get enough of her! I remember the first time I read Lewis Carrolls novel. I think I was in like 3rd or 4th grade. I was a very early reader and loved books. But when I read this book I just didn't get it. I was totally intimidated. I remember thinking, "I am not going to tell anyone, I have no idea what that book is about." When I saw the movie it made so much more sense! When I re-read the novel as an adult, I realize that it is supposed to be nonsense, but what a difficult concept for a young child to get! 

Okay, I have also finished my 3rd piece. I'll give you a hint. It's a black dress, all black, worn by a very famous Kate. One of my favorite books, but I have never seen the very famous classic movie that was made of it. I have a special gift for anyone who guesses the subject of my third canvas in the comments!


  1. All I can think of is Kate Winslett in Titanic? Can't wait to see what it is. And, I don't think I've read Alice in Wonderland. Hmmm, maybe I'll rent the movie.

  2. I have no clue, but I love your blog and your new work!!

  3. No clue but love your work here.

  4. I love the Alice dress. Ok, first I thought 'Little Women', but no Kate there, 'Gone with the Wind' was a Scarlett, I'll have to check if there wer any Kate's in Dickens... this is going to bug me!! :D

  5. i have been trying - at first i thought Breakfast at tiffannys, but she's an audrey not kate - so i am stumped.
    been mulling since yeaserday!!!!

  6. so pretty!!

    kathleen in lb

  7. Okay Cory, I am such a dope, of course I meant Audrey, not Kate!!! what the hell was I thinking! wrong hepburn! LOL! Cory you are the winner!

    well thats just like me to post a challenge no one could win!

  8. Hi again! I see you WILL be attending Kim's event in March! Can't wait to see you and give a big hug! Hope you're having a fun weekend!