Saturday, May 26, 2012

Graphic 45 Pencil Binding Tutorial

I had several requests to post a tutorial for my Graphic 45 Pencil Bound ABC Primer Mini Album, so here it is!
you will need some drink coasters or chipboard for a base
Paper cut to size for both sides of coaster base
measuring tape-fabric or plastic
colorbox chalk
My First Ticondergoa Pencils-or any round object
tacky glue

Find out how much tape you will need with a about a half inch extra on both sides for attaching

mine was 3 icnhes

cut 21 (6 per page x 3 pages and 3 for the cover page)

I find the center of my page and then measure out accordingly

I make sure they are spaced evenly

then I mark both side- i like to color it in to make it easier to see

then i use one page as a template to do the others- at this pint I ink all of my edges with colorbox chalk.

add a little tacky glue to each marked space- I use tacky glue doe to its good hold- tape adhesives do not seem to work as well-use them at your own risk!

For your cover page you only need 3 tabs- i put and x on them to remind me

glue only 3 tabs to your cover page

stick em down! I use pencil to line them up perfectly

then continue on to the other pages-i stack them as I go

and use my pencil to make little adjustments as needed- set aside to dry

then I bust out my Xyron creative station and line all of my cardstock pages. You can use tape runner for this instead

lay it over the top of the tabs you just glued down

trim any excess if needed

Continue to do the rest of the pages-one side only!!-Covering the tabs you have already made

TIP! I like to number my bases with my cardstock to match them up easier

After you glued all of the sides with tabs, you will now want to glue down the other side of the tabs to the backs

Double check to make sure you have sliding room, should fit loose enough to slide easily-to tight and your pages wont turn easily

The nice thing about using a measuring tape is you know exactly where each tabs needs to be glued

repeat for all of your pages. You should have 4 pages

3 with 6 tabs each

one with 3 tabs- your cover

Now take your cover  Page A and place a top your second Page B 

I bend the tabs to make it easier to see- bend the three to the right (tabs 1,2,and 3)

Start by going thorough the first tab of page B, then the first tab of page A -please note I mistakenly call page A, page B on this pic! sorry!

keep going, alternating through page A and B

got it right this time!

and finally last tab of page A

You should look like this now! Three empty tabs on page B

Now place page C on top of page B

and do the same thing, alternating through the tabs

and again....

and that will leave your back page with the three tabs, just run the last pencil though all three tabs

now you have this!

take a piece of thin twine and weave it through the pencils 

tie it in a tight knot
repeat on other side-dont worry if it goes all wonky, you can straighten it up as you go.

if you like you can put a small dab of glue where the knot is, to seal the knot and make sure it is adhered to pencil-but a tight knot usually does the job

my cover page

Hope you will give it a try!


  1. This is so much fun to do!
    And great to use it for an album!

  2. Densie, thanks so much for sharing this tutorial. I loved the binding idea !!! I'll definitely try to do one !

    1. You can always email me if you have questions, it can be confusing when you first start. I would love to see a pic if you get to it-D

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! From one Denise to another! Greetings from Belfast Northern Ireland

    1. ahhhh Denise from Ireland! Welcome and thanks for coming by. Appreciate your comments

  4. Tricky but I think I can do it. Thanks for the detailed pictures - I'm a "follow as it goes" person!

    1. Yes it can be tricky, but its forgiving if you do it wrong! email me if you get stuck!

  5. great job, Denise! you're still a great teacher!

  6. Love this mini is original and so great love it

  7. Loved it.. I will try to make one today!!

  8. !felicidades! muy imaginativo y bien explicado

    1. muchas gracias me encanta recibir comentarios de otros países! Me voy a google y me traducirlos!

  9. I'm so confused but I love it!!! Must read again and give it ago!!! :0)


    1. Sam feel free to email if you have any questions!

  10. Superb use of materials in creating this very special piano hinge book. Kudos to the designer.

  11. Amazing job on the binding. I don't know how you ever figured all that out. Im not sure if I can do it, but I will try it out for sure!!!

    1. Tammy I used a book called ReBound to learn this technique, but feel free to email me if you need help!

  12. Way way way to cute!!! Have to try this!

  13. This idea is just way too cool! I thank you for sharing. Wish me luck...cause I really want to give it a try!

    1. Mylissa let me know if you need any help! feel free to email me!

  14. if i want to make more pages, so I need more pencils? i would really love to try

  15. Love this cool idea!!! One of my friends showed your blog to me and I can't wait to try this out! Thank you so much Denise for your wonderful and thorough instructions. xx ^__^

  16. You pencil binding tutorial is just great. I can't wait to try this and thank you so much for posting it.

  17. i dont understand from xyron creative station

  18. Denise! Love this project! I wish I could print it computer is not in my studio!!!! Looking forward to giving it a whirl!

  19. I think i'd have to see this in person!!! ADD setting in when looking at those tabs! lol love it though

  20. Would it work just as well with bamboo skewers? I'd like to make one, but with more pages, and thought that using a thin bamboo skewer or skinny dowel rods cut to length would allow for more pages without it getting too thick at the binding. Would decorative staples work to attach the tabs, or would they be too bulky? Also, I'll add a back cover by adding the tabs in the opposite positions of what are on the front cover (if the front cover has tabs in 1st, 3rd and 5th spots, for the back cover, I'll put them in 2nd, 4th and 6th). THANKS for sharing this very cute and clever technique!!

  21. Try this link for examples and tutorials for the "piano hinge" bookbinding technique.

  22. Hi Denise, great tutorial and fun idea. Thanks for sharing with us. Leigh

  23. I find the idea very great and inspirational